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Business processes are key to the success and profitability of your business but are often cumbersome and prone to error. The larger the organization, the more important it becomes because it captures the shareholders’ vision for service and provides a repeatable and measurable methodology to ensure that proper service and products are delivered to end-users.

The worst leak in revenue and efficiency is a business process that is aged and inefficient and which is supported by a system that is not user-friendly or, in worst cases even obsolete. In a fast-changing and disruptive technical environment; business processes and supporting systems should be reviewed and optimized regularly to ensure that you retain your competitive edge. This is the business version of Stephen Covey’s seventh habit for highly effective people – Sharpen the saw.

As mentioned in the previous section, the processes defined and implemented by our founder is regularly complimented by DEKRA during ISO 9001 quality audits. This is mainly because of the ease of implementation, efficient monitoring, accurate reporting and effective control which ensures a reliable and repeatable process.

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“Every contribution towards your bottom line, no matter how large or small, is valuable! Put that contribution into a repeatable, reliable and measurable process and pretty soon you will be the star of the show”

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