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"Being at the front in a very competitive market is essential for growth and success.

Let us help you to put "Your Bussiness In Your Pocket"

Your Business In Your Pocket

Agility and Mobility are so important in business today...

Mobility means that you must be able to do business anywhere, anytime your customers need you

Agility means that you must be able to adapt and change quickly with new customer demand

To keep up with market changes, you need a partner that has the skills to understand your business, assist with the improvement of processes and then to digitize these  on a platform that is available where you need it.

Your Customer In Your Pocket

Excuse the wordplay! It is more about you being in your customer's pocket.

With the majority of users moving towards browsing, searching, navigating and transacting on their mobile devices, it is becoming more and more important not only to have a presence on the web but also on the mobile app stores.

This allows you direct access to your customers and allows for easy communication, implementation of loyalty programmes (such as issuing and consumption of vouchers), online shopping, online payments, tracking of deliveries, and so many more ...

Single Application That Works on Multiple Platforms

Our applications are developed as hybrid apps to work seamlessly on multiple platforms. They work out of the box on:

  • Directly in a browser as a website
  • Downloadable from the browser to your computer and then running as a separate application
  • Android mobile phones and tablets as an app downloaded from the Google Play Store
  • Apple mobile phones and tablets as an app downloaded from the Apple App Store

The biggest advantage is “financial” in that you have a single application that is developed using one technology – you do not have to hire three different companies to develop the same app for each of the  platforms.

The second advantage is that future changes and maintenance of the app is so much easier and quicker for the same reason – one company to manage that.

Research has shown that more and more people are using mobile devices for their day to day browsing, searching, navigating and transacting and it therefore very important that you are visible on all these platforms where your users are looking for apps.

These advantages significantly extend your reach to customers at a much-reduced cost.

Our apps are also hosted in the cloud, which means that your app is available anywhere in the world and that your customers and their data is protected with leading-edge security, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

LinkedIn recommendations for SmartMob's staff and work

" We (GLOVent Solutions) contracted Gert to assist us in the development of our new Community (Estate) Management System. His focus was on the development of our member application, but he was a key member of the core design team and his insights were hugely valuable in all aspects of the system design and development.

I can highly recommend Gert to any organisation. Apart from his skills as a system developer, he also has exceptional work ethic and is a natural leader and mentor to other team members. "
" I can definitely say that Gert is an impeccable developer. I've always been blown away by his innovative implementations. His people skills and friendly personality made it a total pleasure to work with him. "
" I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gert as his dev lead. Gert has a phenomenal ability to quickly learn new web and cloud-based frameworks through which he assisted us by kickstarting multiple of our Progressive Web Applications and integrating them with Amazon Web Services. Gert has a knack for user experience and served as a valuable role model for the juniors in the team through his work ethic and development approaches. He further demonstrated an understanding of Agile methodologies and principles and is always open to full collaboration within a team environment, yet demonstrates ownership and accountability for his own work. "
Gert finds the most responsive techniques in his development. I've had the pleasure of having him on my project for 3 months. Above all I was impressed with his quality of work, and of course his enthusiam was contageous. Gert would be a true asset on any software project and comes with my heartfelt recommendation. "
" I’ve had the privilege of working with Gert for the past 6 months. During this time Gert added tremendous value in the design and development of both mobile and web applications. He illustrates competence in all facets of the software development life cycle and has the ability to approach all requirements from a holistic perspective. Gert is a great team player with a good work ethic, which makes him an absolute pleasure to work with. "
" Gert is a motivated, forward-thinking as well as an experienced developer with lots of knowledge in his field. Proactive, ambitious and committed. He had vision to see the benefits and the passion to turn that into a competitive advantage for Glovent Solutions. Because of his mature approach to his responsibilities, I often thought of Gert as a professional I could always rely upon to get the job done and his code is extremely reusable and reliable. He absolutely shines in a busy environment. Definitely worth recommending. "

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