System Engineering
and Design

Being able to design and implement a system, taking full consideration of the life-cycle costs, is important to ensure that customers get maximum Return on Investment (ROI). This is especially important in the electronics and software industry, where improper design can lead to extensive waste in the development and implementation time (and cost) if the design and specifications were not done correctly. SmartMob has more than 27 years of experience in this environment and can add significant value through a proper Systems Engineering approach to a system. By following a structured process to understand, properly define and document the requirements early in the process, the cost of rework is significantly reduced.

The principles are very similar to the project management methodologies we offer in the next section, but with a strong focus on the technical and engineering aspects. We regularly make use of the V-model defined for Systems Engineering as a guideline but modify it in consultation with the customer as and when needed. We have strong design, technical writing, testing and implementation skills to support our customers in this process.

With the experience gained in the design, specification and implementation of many projects nationally and internationally, our primary focus is to ensure that systems are easy and simple to operate and maintain; as the measure of success of most systems lies in the value it adds during the operations and maintenance phase, which requires extensive human buy-in and support.

"A system’s primary measure of success lies not in how fast it performs, how little storage it uses or how efficient it is in bandwidth.

It lies in the adoption rate of its users"

We therefore make sure that our hardware and software designs are done in close collaboration with the end-users, that interfaces are evaluated early in the process and that end-users remain involved during the development and testing process.

This collaboration during the design and development process, coupled with high-quality documentation and an efficient training regime (theoretical, practical and over the shoulder supervision), ensures that a system is smartly adopted. This always propels massive fiscal business success!

Of course, the functional and technical measurements of success are not neglected!


Tendering and Contract Management

SmartMob also has extensive experience in putting system designs out to tender and facilitate the entire tender and contract implementation process, including:

  • Tender process
    • Preparation of Tender documents
    • Preparation of Engineer's Estimate
    • Preparation of tender notice and invitations to tender
    • Tender and site meetings, tender presentations, attendance register
    • Handling of questions and issuing of addenda
    • Tender opening process
    • Tender adjudication and adjudication reports
    • Preparation of Contract documents and Letter of Award
  • Contract implementation
    • Supervision during the Design and Build phase and also during the Operations and Maintenance phase
    • Facilitation of Contract meetings and preparation of Minutes
    • Desing review meetings
    • Review and approval of operations, maintenance and training manuals
    • Site inspections
    • Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality inspections 
    • Verification of progress reports and monthly statements and preparation of payment certificates
    • Performing tests on completion (hardware and software)
    • Issuing of Taking-over certificates
    • Etc.
We prefer the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) Suite of Contracts and are well versed in the management thereof. We also have experience on NEC3:ECC (New Engineering Contract - Engineering and Construction Contract) and the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) General Conditions of Contract (GCC) as well.

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